Croatian sport successes and achievements

Croatian sport successes and achievements

Achieving superior sports results requires a combination of talent, willpower, effort and strong mental discipline that Croatian athletes undoubtedly have, and this is supported by the fact that there are almost no sports in which our athletes did not excel, from football, handball, water polo, and tennis, through martial arts, all the way to skiing and athletics.

Croatian athletes have played a significant role in the sporting achievements of the former state. Mate Parlov, the legendary boxer from Pula, was the European and World champion in the semi-lightweight category, winning gold medals. Matija Ljubek, a Croatian canoeist, took 17 medals from the Olympic and Mediterranean Games and World Championships, while Croatian swimmer Đurđica Bjedov won a gold medal in 1968. Table tennis player Dragutin Šurbek took 31 medals at the European and World Championships, and Veljko Rogošić, a Croatian swimmer who marked long-distance swimming, is a multiple national record holder in 200m dolphin, 400m and 1500m freestyle and world marathon champion.

Thanks to the multiple successes of Croatian athletes and the awards they have been conquering for almost three decades, Croatia is increasingly recognized as one of the best sports nations in the world. The queen of Croatian sport – skier Janica Kostelic, Sandra Perkovic – a talent we can only wish for, Ivano Balic – one of the best handball players in the world , NBA basketball players – Dino Raja, Toni Kukoc and Drazen Petrovic, world-famous-football players – Luka Modrić, Davor Šuker, Robert Prosinečki and others, one of the best heavyweights in kickboxing history – Mirko Filipovic also known as CroCop, the famous rowers – Sinković brothers and our great tennis players, two-time Davis Cup winners are just some of the athletes who have promoted Croatia in the best possible way.

Image source: HINA
Autor: Damir Senčar

Croatia national football team

Back in 1998, the Croatian national football team finished third at the World Cup in France, and success was repeated 20 years later, in July 2018, when they won the second place at the World Cup in Russia.

Image source: HINA
Autor: Damir Senčar

Croatia men's national basketball team

A significant moment for Croatian basketball was the year of 1992. when the Croatian Basketball Team won a Silver medal at the Barcelona Winter Olympics. The Springfield Basketball Hall of Fame has four celebrated Croatian basketball players - Krešimir Ćosić, Dražen Petrović, Toni Kukoč and Dino Rađa.  

Marin Ćilić

His biggest successes were winning the US Open in 2014. and winning the 2018 Davis Cup against the French team.

Janica Kostelić

Janica Kostelić won three Gold and one Silver medal at the 2002. Olympics in Salt Lake City. She also won Gold and Silver medals at Turin Olympics in 2006. Janica proudly represented our country in 2003. and 2005., winning a Gold medal at the World Championships in St.Moritz and Bormio.

Image source: HINA
Author: Damir Senčar

Croatia national handball team

Croatian National Handball Team won numerous medals, among them and the most significant were the Gold medals won at Olympics 1996 and 2004.

Martin and Valent Sinković

The Sinković brothers exceed the competition at the 2012 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games winning Gold medal and a Silver medal in London in 2012. As for the World Championships, they won Gold medals in 2010 in Karapiro, 2013 in Chungi, 2014 in Amsterdam, 2015 in Aiguebelette, and 2011 Bronze medals from Bled.  

Croatia men's national water polo team

The Croatian Men's National Water polo Team won the Championship in Melbourne in 2007. and repeated the same success 10 years later in Budapest. In 2012, the ˝Barracudas˝ won Gold at the London Olympics. They also won the European Championship in 2010 in Zagreb. In 2012, they won a Gold medal at the London Olympics and in 2013 became the winners of the Mersin-Turkey Mediterranean Games.

Nikša and Siniša Skelin

Our two rowers won the Bronze medal in Sydney in 2000 and the Silver Olympic medal in Athens in 2004.

Goran Ivaniše

In 2001, he arrived at Wimbledon with an invitation, eventually defeating the Australian Rafter in the finals. He played for the Croatian National Team against Slovakia and won the Davis Cup in 2004.

Sandra Perković

Gold winner at the 2012 London Olympics and Rio de Janeiro 2016, four Gold medals at the European Championships (Barcelona 2010, Helsinki 2012, Zurich 2014, Amsterdam 2016), and has also won ten gold and diamond leagues in a row!

Blanka Vlašić

Blanka Vlašić won Olympic Silver from Beijing in 2008. and Bronze from Rio de Janeiro in 2016, two World Gold medals from Japan in 2007. and Germany 2009., and Gold medal from the European Championships in Barcelona in 2010. She also had great results in indoor Championships as well as victories in the Diamond League.